Bolt 24hr

Increases energy and focus.
SKU: 91047-00-30
  • Energy to fuel your body and brain; focus, clarity and concentration; proprietary blend that works with caffeine anhydrous and pure NADH. Best supplement for coffee. Travel 8 hours straight without having to stop. Provides caffeine without the need to stop for bathroom breaks. Must take recommended dose 2 tabs for best results
  • Helps with weight loss and appetite suppression; works as a pre workout; improves mental and physical endurance; eliminates brain fog
  • Great for shift workers and meeting deadlines; give your brain the energy to power through difficult tasks
  • Best quality and absorption; made in the USA; cGMP certified NutraFx facility
  • Satisfaction and results guaranteed; convenient capsule form; childproof cap; easy to swallow

Bolt 24hr is for those days when your get up and go, got up and left. Fuel your brain and body with pure NADH and caffeine anhydrous for when you can’t seem to get anything done. Sustain your daily momentum and focus on getting everything done so at the end of the day you’ll feel an accomplished sense of peace.

Perfect for use as a pre workout, meeting a deadline, shift workers and the afternoon slump in energy we all experience. Anything worthwhile in life takes consistent focus. Stay consistent, get focused and achieve what you want in life and fitness.

Increase your fat burning potential and ramp up your metabolism effortlessly. Natural appetite suppressant, so your focus won’t wane from the task at hand to reach for cookies. Banish fatigue and brain fog without drinking 5 cups of coffee.

NADH is extracted from the b-vitamin niacin and promotes higher cognitive functioning and improved memory retention. Caffeine anhydrous is highly absorbable and the closest thing to natural caffeine. NutraFx uses only the highest quality FDA certified ingredients, manufactured in our state of the art cGMP certified facility in the USA.

Stop burning the midnight oil and start shining some Midnight Sunshine on your life. No more endless energy slumps. Give your brain the fuel it needs to get things done. We know you’ll love Midnight Sunshine or your money back, guaranteed. Don’t let energy dips stop you from getting results. Order Midnight Sunshine today!